About Suyga Games

Deniz Teknoloji Market Ticaret Ltd. aka Suyga Games, founded in 2016, has become one of the leading companies with its major development in the sector every year. Today, we possess games which have large number of players in the global world. Suyga Games appeal to 100.000 players with incorporated games and evolve with each passing day. And it will continue to be a company that continues to shed light on the industry with creative ideas and innovative executions.

User Reviews

If you are looking for a good poker game, then this is a no-brainer, but even if you aren't a huge poker playe...
— John Peterson
Suyga Poker is exactly the experience you'd expect if you played poker the first time. There's a nice selectio...
— Mike Hardy
I just love the community and features game had offer.
— Gwen Tennyson
Texas Hold em is good, but there are so many other variants on the game that lend better from a gameplay persp...
— Derek Fisher
Great game with awesome features, good user interface and lovely community.
— Natalie McCabe

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Multi platform experience


Your safety comes first


Wide range of methods


Large player community